The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks at Twin Cities Vipassana Collective

TCVC Summer retreat

2015-06-12 (10 days) Twin Cities Vipassana Collective

2015-06-13 Skillful Views....Seeing through Dharma eyes 56:54
Steve Armstrong
2015-06-14 Gaining Understanding from the Torments 59:11
Steve Armstrong
2015-06-15 Encouraging Counsel 56:54
Steve Armstrong
2015-06-16 Allowing Awareness of All of Life (Shame and Vulnerability) 31:26
Alexis Santos
2015-06-17 Awareness and Five Faculties 57:06
Steve Armstrong
2015-06-18 Archeology of the Heart 62:41
Steve Armstrong
2015-06-19 The Fabric of our Community: Generosity and Being in Harmony 1:10:26
Steve Armstrong
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