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Retreat Dharma Talks at Twin Cities Vipassana Collective

TCVC Winter Retreat 2022

TCVC's annual winter retreat

2022-02-19 (5 days) Twin Cities Vipassana Collective

2022-02-19 Chi Gong stance 46:18
Chas DiCapua
A review of the basic Chi Song stance
2022-02-19 Knowing Through Intimacy With our Own Experience 51:20
Rebecca Bradshaw
A wonderful talk on non rational ways of knowing directly from experience
2022-02-20 Compassion 43:29
Chas DiCapua
A talk on compassion
2022-02-21 Aversion in meditation 51:57
Chas DiCapua
A talk on dealing with aversion in meditation
2022-02-21 Compassion 0:00
Rebecca Bradshaw
(Recording not available) 
2022-02-22 Metta meditation 47:15
Chas DiCapua
A guided meditation on metta
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