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Rebecca Bradshaw's Dharma Talks at Twin Cities Vipassana Collective
Rebecca Bradshaw
Rebecca Bradshaw has practiced vipassana and metta meditation since 1983 in both the United States and Burma. She has been teaching since 1993 and is one at the guiding teachers at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. "My passion is encouraging students to drop into embodied presence, and grounding this presence in wisdom and lovingkindness. When a sense of love and kindness underlies our practice, we can explore life deeply in a truly integrated way, bringing together mind, heart, and body. Wisdom then holds it all in spaciousness. I especially enjoy connecting with young people in the Dharma, teaching students on longer retreats, supporting sangha on a community level, and sharing the dharma in Spanish." For more information about Rebecca and/or to make a donation to support her teaching, please visit her website at
2022-02-21 Compassion 0:00
(Recording not available) 
TCVC Winter Retreat 2022
2022-02-19 Knowing Through Intimacy With our Own Experience 51:20
A wonderful talk on non rational ways of knowing directly from experience
TCVC Winter Retreat 2022
2020-02-16 Three Kinds of Dukkha (Suffering) 61:02
The Suffering of painful, pleasant, and neutral experiences and the freedom of letting go
Winter 2020
2016-02-17 The Awakening Factor of Equanimity 60:30
What is equanimity? what supports its arising?
TCVC February 2016 retreat
2016-02-15 The Awakening Factor of Joyous Interest 47:47
Noticing its presence, absence and what supports it arising
TCVC February 2016 retreat

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